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Homework at every education level is very necessary as it provides the students the chance to come to the class prepared. The homework that the students receive in college is better termed as assignments because it is not mandatory for them to submit the work the very next day. The time that the students get to finish the assigned task is that of a week. The notes and the verbal information given by the professors in the lectures play an important role in the homework completion task. The purpose that the college homework or assignments serve is to keep the student grounded to the studies. The number of homework or assignments that the students receive in college is larger to the ones they receive in school. It is because the students in college have the chance to improve their grades with the submission of multiple assignments and the teachers also take into account their punctuality in submission and the quality that they deliver while giving remarks. The students who are enrolled in the theoretical courses like English, history, etc have to submit mainly written assignment which includes pure literary investigation of the topic, whereas, the students in practical or numerical subjects like mathematics, statistics, etc. have to submit assignments that are about practicing the sums and experimentation on the topic.
The students in college are more prone towards bunking the lectures as a result of which they are not able to grasp what actually is going in the class and also lack notes and other important information that could have helped them to complete the homework. As they are mostly absent from the lectures, they do not know the days on which certain homework or assignments are due and the teachers take this act of non-submission and ignorance towards the responsibility as a sign that the students are not interested in succeeding academically. The grammatical errors and incomplete information about the subject in the homework and assignments also leads to the downfall in the grades.
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