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In order to create a good essay, students must know that there are various elements that can help them in creating an excellent essay. The subject matter should be appealing and precise. The voice of the writer should come through, but it should not distract the reader. Instead, the reader should be drawn towards the essay. There should be no flaws in the grammar, capitalization, punctuation, or spellings. The most significant element of creating an essay is to organize it efficaciously. The organization of the essay is one thing that should never be overlooked by the pupils. A well-organized essay is the one which is focused, clear, and effective and has a commonsensical flow. By organizing an essay, students can easily comprehend the thesis statement. There are various ways to organize the essay. It can be done if the student follows some stratagems. The aim of the students should be to compose an outline which is written already. Reverse outlining will also help the pupils in evaluating their strengths and limitations of both the organization and also the claim of the essay. After making a rough draft, pupils should read it again and take down very brief notes in the margin.

Essay writing is a task and it can only be accomplished if the students work laboriously. Instead of trying to compose a good essay, students give up. This is because they encounter a lot of problems and challenges whilst writing an essay. Some students face difficulty in starting their essays, they do not know how to write the introduction of their essay. There are many pupils who are not able to take down relevant notes and thus, they face difficulty in composing the essays. Citing the sources is also very troublesome for the students.

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