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The dissertation is the most significant part of a student’s life. The dissertation should have a clear purpose and it should be based on a properly worked thesis question. While writing a dissertation, students should make certain that their dissertation is planned carefully and researched profoundly. A well-written dissertation displays that the pupils have a good grasp of important concepts and is also able to apply the theory into the practical project. The high-quality dissertations comprise of investigation, evaluation, and proper discussion. Before commencing the dissertation, students should check with the supervisor about the structure of the dissertation. A basic framework of dissertation includes:

  1. Title page: It will include the title of the project, the name of the course, date, and the name of the supervisor.
  2. Abstract: It is written in one paragraph and it summarizes the entire dissertation.
  3. Acknowledgments: Here the students should mention the name of the people who have assisted them in this task.
  4. Table of contents & figures: it will include the name of the chapters with page numbers.
  5. Introduction: It is the presentation of the thesis statement.
  6. Body paragraphs: Here the students need to explain their argument with different pieces of evidence.
  7. Conclusions: Here they should clearly re-state the thesis statement.

Dissertation writing is very difficult task for the students these days. They face a lot of issues while completing their research projects. Many students fail in aligning their work properly. They are not able to keep in check the margins of their dissertations. They are not able to mention the page numbers in the footer. Some students do not give credits to the sources of the information and thus end up getting penalized. There are many students who do not have good writing skills and they are not able to write a high-quality dissertation.
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