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Finance is one of the basic necessities in the economy. Without money nothing is possible on the planet. Finance is a field where investment and return is important. Finance can also be define as a science of money management. A businessman should have a clear knowledge of finance for the smooth running of the company or the business. Finance deals basically with the study of investments. Handling huge amount of money by the government or a big companies. It includes money banking, credit, and borrowing institutions, etc. The term finance may differ from person to person. Sometimes people want money to buy a land or to invest in various types of works and may not have enough funds for it. In that case the banks or the government or other speedy recovery loans may provide with certain financial help after the person is ready to pay the interest. It is because money has got its own value. Generally banks are said to be the best financial institution. Therefore, everyone should know the proper use of money .The word finance itself indicate the word money. For the development of the economy, everyone should have a proper knowledge of finance. As finance is all about money management one should be expert in mathematics.
Students always have to face challenges in completing finance homework. For them finance is really hard to conceptualize .They cannot clearly figure out the concept exactly what they are supposed to do. Due to lack of proper guidance they hardly understands the concept of finance. They use to commit mistakes in copying the figure and after rectifying their mistakes they still are not aware of their errors. Students have got less power to understand the problem and are always in a hurry to complete it. As a result of which they commit plagiarism in their homework.
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