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Simply stating, statistics refers to collecting, analyzing, interpreting and organizing the numerical data. It is a way to extract information from data. Statistics help represent the data graphically. Lately, statistics use has increased by leaps and bounds. It is now used by the businessperson, psychologists, chemist, engineers, government, etc. Its extensive use in different fields have increased the value of statistics as a subject, has opened job venues for graduates and therefore, more and more students are opting for it. Statistics only consider quantitative details and no qualitative details. Statistics is a vast subject covering a number of topics such common averages (mean, median, and mode), graphical displays (histogram, bar graphs, and two-way table), measures of risk (variation, standard deviation), regression, correlation and the list is endless. There are two branches of statistics namely, descriptive and inferential. Where former allows us to interpret data but doesn’t permit to draw conclusions, inferential Statistics enable us to do both. Statistics never gives an affirmative or a negative answer. It always stresses on making a conclusion from the results achieved and thereby users of statistics always summarize whatever they learn from a statistical research. To obtain an accurate result, researchers must make sure that the data collected is of acceptable quality, valid and reliable. An erroneous data only consumes time and never gives a correct result.

No doubt statistics is an interesting and scoring subject but it becomes a challenge for students if their basic concepts are weak. Retaining the formulas, categorizing data, drawing conclusions, and interpreting the results give them a really hard time. Moreover, students have to be vigilant while collecting data and analyzing as even a small mistake proves to be a blunder and doesn’t give desired results. Also, students do not pay much heed to the theoretical part and fail to understand that it is crucial to understand the same for solving practical problems. In such a case students should not take any chance on their grades and seek expert’s advice.

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