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Writing a thesis has become very important in today’s education system. Following is the structure of thesis that the students should keep in mind:

  1. Title page: The title page of the dissertation will include a title, subtitle, author’s name, date, mentors who helped in the research procedure, institutions name, and the e-mail address.
  2. Abstract: An abstract is a paragraph which explains the reason behind the importance of thesis. It will also give a short summary of the results and findings. It should be explicit.
  3. Table of contents and list of figures: It will consist of all the headings, subheadings, and the figures.
  4. Introduction: Students should make sure that they include a hook at the starting of the introduction. It should motivate the reader to read rest of the write-up.
  5. Methodology: The methodology section is very important. Here the students need to include the technique, calculations, procedure, calibration plots, and the equipment of the research project.
  6. Results: Last but not the least, the results are the statements of explanations and they comprise of various tables, graphs, and statistics. Results will indicate the important information on a wide range of variations.

Writing a high-quality thesis is a very difficult task for the students and thus they face issues in composing one. They encounter a lot of critical issues while working on their thesis. Some students do not have the necessary skills to write their thesis or research project work. They have a lack of research skills and writing skills. Some of them are not able to frame up their thoughts and ideas onto the paper and they get stuck on the thesis. The majority of the students are not able to find the appropriate research material and thus, they suffer in composing a top-notch thesis paper.
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